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As an online chocolate shop, we love shipping orders. Our shipping rates are based on weight via USPS Shipping Calculator (including weight of the chocolates, box, ice packs, and insulation material).   In short, shipping fees are based on what you’ve ordered and the minimum necessary amount of materials used to safely send your order.

You will receive an email confirmation of your order, and once it is processed (meaning a shipping label has been created), you will also receive an email with tracking information. To ensure the integrity of our chocolates, we ship orders only on Mondays and Tuesdays via USPS Priority Mail (holidays excluded). We strongly advise you to check your email for shipping notifications to receive your chocolates in a timely manner.


Each order is prepared and packed by hand with love. We check all orders to ensure you are receiving the highest quality of products. Please be aware that during warmer weather and those living in warmer climates, shipping options may be changed to “Express Priority Mail” to ensure the chocolates do not melt during delivery. We check the weather of each state weekly and will only ship your order under conditions that will maintain the quality and freshness of your chocolates, as food safety is of highest importance to us. If your order is delayed due to inclement weather, we will offer other shipping options once it is safe to do so.


Unfortunately as we are a small business, we have a no refund, no return policy on all products once they are shipped out. On that note, we do our best to insulate and pack all your orders with care, but cannot be held responsible for any melted or damaged chocolates that may occur during shipping/delivery.

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